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6 popular brand name earrings that must not be out.2023

6 popular brand name earrings that must not be out.2023


          before reaching the earring section of the most popular brand names Let’s come to know about the disappearance of jewelry such as “earrings” or earrings first. The jewelry is not only worn for beauty or as a gift that has sentimental value. still have a good meaning Covert as well which jewelry such as earrings that look like a pair So there is disappearance in a way that means being together as a couple. Suitable for couples or spouses to express their marriage. Or sometimes, giving each other earrings can also convey protection and protection from various dangers. In addition, different styles of earrings can also convey meaning, for example, dolphin earrings. Dolphins are said to symbolize love, good luck, success, and fertility. Help and safety It also means liveliness. There are leftovers, so donating dolphin earrings thus conveying the perfect love, perfect love, pure love and the fact that the dolphins are in pairs means Eternal love as well because dolphins will love each other until one party dies.


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          Coming to the topic of popular brand-name earrings If you are one of those who love wearing earrings. Today we will introduce earrings. A popular brand name that must not be out of stock because it is regarded as a hit model. Plus, it can be worn for a long time and doesn’t go out of fashion as well. You can also choose to wear it to add luxury. Looks expensive for our look as well.


1. Chanel Classic CC Earrings.

          Considered to be the legendary “I’m iconic” earring, this Chanel earring is an extremely popular model that is both elegant and classic. By the way, Chanel has released this model of earrings in various sizes. both silver and gold I can say that it goes with every look of your girls for sure.

2.Dior DIO(R) Evolution Earrings.

          It is an earring that gives brightness. Cute like a kid. Wear it and look good. It is also an earring that is designed to be worn often without feeling bored. It is considered an earring from the brand Dior that should not be missed. The price is about 15,000 baht.

3. Hermes Pop H earrings.

          It is an earring that anyone can see and know what brand of jewelry it is. Because the highlight of this earring is the H-shaped design with a design that feels like a bracelet. Can be considered as outstanding earrings. Uphold the identity of your own brand as well.



4.Prada Symboe Earrings.

          It is a jewelry brand that has a beautiful design. Outstanding, not allergic to anyone. See the word Prada clearly. This earring has been designed to be chic and modern. There are many colors to choose from, very suitable for teenagers of this era.

5. Louis Vuitton LOUISE Earrings.

          Another popular jewelry brand, LV designed these earrings in the form of a round ring with the brand logo in the middle. It is an earring with a very distinctive design. It looks expensive and has a perfect size and goes with every look. The price is around 18,600 baht.

6. Saint Laurent Opyum YSL Threader Earrings.

          Also known as YSL, comes with another pair of very stylish earrings that have it all. Because it is an earring with a long hanging line, adding to the chic, luxury, look expensive, along with the word YSL, to make it stand out even more.


          Finished with the introduction of 6 popular earring brands that girls must have in a jewelry box to add luxury and look expensive to their own look. which can be taken with a clear everyday look. add a new level of being a fashion girl Or wear it to a formal event to add luxury and credibility to yourself as well. The earrings can be considered jewelry that meets the needs of girls who like to dress up. Constantly changing styles Because each brand of earrings will give a different feel and look to it.





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