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How to Identify Real Silver Jewelry

Very important that you be very careful while shopping for silver jewelry.

real silver jewelry

Silver is a treasured metal for ages and so is real silver jewelry. Silver is considered a symbol of wealth and status. People of ancient times used to wear silver and gold jewelry to show their high status and adorn them in various ways. The tradition continued, men and women of today’s age also love donning gold and real silver jewelry not only to show their wealth but for fashion sense as well. Silver jewelry is the most common type of jewelry that is loved by both men and women. real silver jewelry

Silver jewelry is so versatile and has so much variety that it is the first choice for jewelry designers to work on. real silver jewelry The artisans and jewelry designers work hard to create unique and elegant designs of real silver jewelry. However, real silver jewelry  some people create stainless steel jewelry and sell them in the name of real silver jewelry. You have to be very careful while buying silver jewelry. It is very important to first identify the real silver from fake silver to save yourself from a huge loss.

What is Sterling Silver Jewelry and Pure Silver Jewelry?

real silver jewelry

Real silver is so soft and flexible that it cannot be made into jewelry. real silver jewelry An alloy of 92% pure silver and 7.5% of other metals like zinc and copper, is created to form the Sterling silver. Sterling silver is the metal that is used to create jewelry. It is durable and strong enough to be made into jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is considered as real silver jewelry. The pure handmade silver jewelry like 999 is also real silver jewelry.

Real Silver Jewelry VS Fake Silver Jewelry

There are a few key points to check when you are identifying the real silver jewelry. 

real silver jewelry

1. The Stamp/Hallmark

Real silver jewelry always has a stamp or hallmark on the jewelry, usually inside. The stamp would define the silver quantity in the jewelry. 

  1. 925 or .925 stamp defines that the jewelry is sterling silver and has 92% of silver. 
  2. 999 or .999 stamp defines that the jewelry has 99% silver. This type of real silver jewelry is usually handmade and costs higher than sterling silver.
  3. Similarly, 958 and 800 stamps are also available and define the quantity of silver used to make silver jewelry.

Beware of the S925 stamps, these are Chinese silver jewelry items that are created with nickel or copper and have a sterling silver coating on it. When the coating wears off the rusty metal inside will start to show. real silver jewelry

real silver jewelry

2. Color

Real silver jewelry, when exposed to air does not get rust easily. real silver jewelry  It turns greenish over time and the black tarnish can be removed with polishing. wholesale jewelry  However fake silver jewelry can never return to the shiny new stage. Once it is rusted and turned black it is wasted and is of no use.

real silver jewelry.

3. Price

The real silver jewelry has high prices than fake silver jewelry. When you buy a seemingly high-quality design at a low price, there must be something fishy. Wholesale ring  Check if the silver feels light and smooth, these are some signs for the fake silver jewelry. Real silver jewelry feels slightly heavy and has a warm feeling when you touch it. The original real silver is also expensive than fake silver.

real silver jewelry

4.Return Policy

Even after clearing all the doubts and making sure you are buying real silver jewelry, always ask the jeweler for return policy. Check if they have maintenance, replacement, and repairing policy. Get your real silver jewelry with confidence so that you know if any issue arises you have the solution to fix it.

After getting the real silver of your favorite design and style there are so many benefits you can get from silver jewelry. As silver is the most common metal that is used for casual and formal adornments.

Benefits of Real Silver Jewelry

Real silver jewelry doesn’t only have numerous fashion benefits but it is also good for your health in many ways.

Real silver jewelry


Silver by nature is hypoallergenic which means it does not give any allergic reaction to your skin. Some people have sensitive skin that reacts against metals, but silver is not one of them. 

 2. Affordable

Real silver jewelry is affordable than other precious metal jewelry items. It has the shine and luster of any expensive jewelry, but it is less expensive and in reach for everyone. You can get high-quality fashion jewelry designs that look so precious but at very affordable prices. Real silver jewelry

Real silver jewelry

3. Health Benefits

Real Silver jewelry has numerous health benefits. It is considered as healing metal for many centuries. Many people wear silver jewelry as antibiotics that cure the infections, like flu or healing a wound. Silver is also said to improve your blood circulation as it keeps the blood vessels open and elastic. real silver jewelry It is also said to improve your skin health. It prevents your skin from rash and itching.   

Real silver jewelry

4. Long-Lasting

When taken care of properly, the real silver jewelry can be forever shining and long-lasting. The real silver does not get tarnish easily and can be worn daily. With a few cleanings from time to time can keep the silver’s shine and luster forever. Silver and gold jewelry items stay in the family and are most likely to become family heirlooms.  

5. Real Silver Symbolism

Real Silver’s shine and sparkle make it a precious metal and it falls in the category for treasured metals like gold and platinum.  Silver symbolizes wealth and status. It also has a meaning for kindness and a pure heart. Gold is considered a masculine metal whereas silver has feminine powers.

Real silver jewelry empowers women and represents unconditional love, sympathy, and compassion.  

Real silver jewelry

Get your real silver jewelry with confidence by identifying authenticity and enjoy its fashion and health benefits. Real silver jewelry is elegant and classy that styles you according to your desires. real silver jewelry When you are fully aware of fake silver and buy genuine real silver, it gives you a sense of accomplishment as a buyer too.


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