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Pure Silver VS Sterling Silver

Sterling silver set jewelry in thailand

sterling silver set jewelry

There are several jewelry options available on the market now with multiple design choices as people get easily bored with one design and they also prefer a unique design that no one else has. sterling silver set jewelry  The jewelry producing companies keep on trying different materials to make jewelry and have found materials like gold making everyday jewelry but the most common of them all is pure silver and sterling silver. 

it is very easy to confuse sterling silver set jewelry and pure silver with each other as they look almost identical but in reality, they are very different from each other in how they are made, how much they cost, and how to maintain them.


Pure Silver.

Silver is the 47th element in the periodic table with the chemical symbol ‘Ag’. This is a very precious and valuable metal that has several chemical and physical benefits. It has the actual silver content of about 99.9% and 0.01% of other impurities; plus, it is also referred to as fine silver at times. Even though pure silver is a metal, it is very soft which makes it malleable; however, this soft nature also means that you will have a hard time making a specific shape out of it. sterling silver set jewelry  Pure silver is also not as durable as any other metal which means that any jewelry like necklaces or pendants or earrings can easily get bent if any excessive force is applied to them.


 sterling silver set jewelry

 All the jewelers and even some customers prefer that all the pure silver items should be stamped to know that this item is made of pure silver and all of these stamps specify that this item has 99.9% of pure silver which is why the stamps are labeled as ’99.9’ or ’999’ or ‘.999’ so the next time you go to a sterling silver set jewelry shop you will instantly know what is made of pure silver and whatnot. The biggest stumbling block for silver is tarnished. Tarnish is a process of oxidation in which a thin layer forms on top of silver when it reacts with oxygen and moisture in the air and this layer makes the silver look dull and old.

Sterling Silver.

Sterling silver cannot exist on its own but it’s a combination of two different metals one of them is always silver while the other metal is usually copper but you can also use zinc or any other desired metal. The consistency of the two metals in sterling silver is 92.5% silver and the other 7.5% is usually copper or any other desired metal.  This chemical bonding between the two metals results in a compound that has features of both the metals which means that sterling silver is more durable, hard, and is generally stronger. wholesale jewelry  Just like pure silver, sterling silver set jewelry can be used to make several items like jewelry, utensils, silverware, Wholesale ring  and plates as it is a harder metal compared to fine silver it can retain its shape and is not damaged by small scratches or hard everyday use.

sterling silver set jewelry

Another great thing you can do with sterling silver set jewelry is that you can take any item such as jewelry made from any other metal and plate it with sterling silver. This adds a thin protective layer of a sterling layer on top of the jewelry and thing plated in this way are marked as ‘sterling silver plated’ in jeweler stores. Additionally; sterling silver is also stamped and labeled by jewelers as ‘925’ or ‘.925’ or ’92.5’ or ‘ss’ to show the purity of silver in the item.

Like pure silver, sterling silver is also susceptible to tarnish and oxidation however there is a key difference in them. Sterling silver set jewelry tarnishes at a faster rate compared to pure silver because as it is a combination of two different metals and they both can get tarnished so the resulting compound tarnishes at a faster rate as both the metals tarnish together.

sterling silver set jewelry

Both pure silver and sterling silver require you to spend some time and effort to maintain to avoid tarnish and any other build up of impurities that will make your precious jewelry look dull, old, worn out, or give that rusted look. The cleaning process for both metals is very easy and can be as simple as using a damp microfiber cloth or use any anti tarnish liquid.

Just be more careful with fine silver as it is very soft and can get damaged easily as compared to sterling silver.

After a brief comparison between sterling silver and pure silver, we can easily see that there are good and bad in each of the metals which leaves us with the golden question that what metal should we prefer? Sterling silver set jewelry has the upper hand when comparing the two which is why people prefer it more than silver.

Sterling silver is comparatively harder, therefore, you can make shapes, details and small items like jewelry from it, sterling silver is also more durable as it is a combination of semi strong metals making one stronger metal which is why it can easily last you a life that is if you take proper care of it.

sterling silver set jewelry

 Moreover, the main factor that makes people lean towards sterling silver is the price. Pure silver is considerably more expensive than sterling silver set jewelry and needs more maintenance, care and time and is more likely to be broken or get destroyed whereas if you buy sterling silver, it will stay with you for a longer time and you will also have more options when buying sterling silver.

In conclusion, what you should buy from sterling silver set jewelry depends on your personal preference and mainly on how much you want to spend.

If you are looking for the purity, have the facility to maintain pure silver and can afford it without an issue, then don’t look further and buy pure silver; however, if you want something durable and more versatile that can be handled rough and it will not damage your pocket, then you should buy sterling silver. The choice is yours.



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