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Types of Marcasite Rings to Include In Your Collection

Types of Marcasite Rings 

Gold, silver, platinum, and bronze are a bunch of materials that are well-known for making the best kind of jewelry with the finest of the details and eye-catching designs. But sometimes, these materials can be hard to handle and very stressful to maintain, the take up a lot of effort and time just to keep them safe from any type of damage. If you are trying to avoid these kinds of situations and still want to wear beautiful, decent jewelry, then you should definitely try Marcasite jewelry. Marcasite jewelry is not actually made out of the mineral ‘Marcasite’; instead, it is actually made out of pyrite.Simple Bands Types of Marcasite Rings 

         1. Simple Bands:

A simple band is perfect for everyday wear and can be worn at any casual event, keeping it classy and elegant without having to put on much. wholesale jewelry  During the Victorian Marcasite Rings, Erait was used to imitate diamonds since
not all wealthy were capable of giving away their wives diamonds, hence they got them these beautifully crafted marcasite rings or earrings which
mimicked the same sheen.

With Gemstones

     2. With Gemstones:

Gemstones are the perfect way to add instant glamour to anything, so a Marcasite ring with a gemstone will be the perfect combination for something fancy and fashionable. The beauty of this ring is simply astonishing. Embedded with an eye-catching stone right in the middle and a gorgeous design caging it in, this Marcasite ring will be your key to making a power statement and is perfect for the lady boss

Intricate Designs

    3. Intricate Designs

Unique, catchy designs are what make jewelry pieces the easiest way to make a statement or get those heads turning. Wholesale ring  A peacock design or maybe a rose design can be perfect for a sophisticated touch to your look.


  4. Delicate Marcasite Cluster Dainty Ring

Delicate Marcasite Cluster Dainty Ring

Having viewed all these gorgeous Marcasite rings, don’t hesitate to get your hands on one of these for a better jewelry experience.

    5. East West Oval Agate on Marcasite Band Ring

East West Oval Agate on Marcasite Band Ring 1

Pyrite are marcasite both are similar but Pyrite is more stable and less brittle as compared to Marcasite. Very small pieces of pyrite are mixed into silver to make the marcasite jewelry. Marcasite rings are quite the talk these days and are worn by many, due to its ability to stand up to scratches and dings over the years. They are easy to handle and store at all times. If you’re looking to update your jewelry collection, here are some types of Marcasite rings to include in your collection

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