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Vintage Marcasite Rings

 Vintage Marcasite Rings Thailand

Vintage marcasite rings are the most subtle and classy rings that you can ever come across. The reason being is that the design is timeless and aesthetically pleasing and appealing as well. There are many vintage marcasite rings available that date back to the 1930’s or even way before that. Some of the rare designs that you might come across are as follows:

1.  Vintage Back



The vintage black ring is octagonal in shape that is quite rare as jewelry designers tend to go for designs that are generally worn by the majority.  The ring is made up of 925 sterling silver and it has a marcasite stone in the middle that is surrounded by several small zircons. The ring can be worn with trendy yet casual outfits



 2. Antique Marcasite Ring Sterling Silver

Antique Marcasite Ring Sterling Silver

This antique marcasite ring is made up of sterling silver. The ring is in almond shape and has a braided texture to it. vintage marcasite rings One can definitely say that this ring is inspired by the era of the roaring twenties. Wholesale ring

3.Vintage Marcasite Sparkly Stone Ring

Vintage Marcasite Sparkly Stone Ring


Vintage marcasite sparkly stone ring is the most royal design that one might come across. vintage marcasite rings  The design and look are quite flashy and therefore it can be worn with stylish and fashionable party wear outfits. wholesale jewelry  The shape of the ring is quite unique and it has numerous marcasite stones embedded in it. The ring is made up of sterling silver as that is what a marcasite stone perfectly blends with. This is definitely a style statement that is going to be a trendsetter.

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