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Tips for Wearing Silver Earrings

Tips for Wearing Silver Jewelry Earrings

This guide will help you decide which earrings best suit your face, and how you should totally flaunt a pair of sterling silver earrings that you can easily get from any sterling silver earrings wholesale market, both online and offline. 

1. Post or Dangling, Which One to Choose?

Wearing Silver Jewelry Earrings

When buying a new pair of earrings for yourself always consider the shape of your face, the hairstyle you’d have on the day you would wear them and all the things you would do during that event. 

Post earrings are more like studs; they fasten to the earlobe with stopper usually put behind the earlobe. Wearing Silver Jewelry Earrings  The dangling silver earrings feature a hook that hangs from the earlobe and as the name suggests it dangles around. 

      2. When To Wear

Wearing Silver Jewelry Earrings

If you are opting for an updo hairstyle, Wholesale ring  and have the small round face we would suggest you opt for dangling long length earrings. Wearing Silver Jewelry Earrings  Not too long though because they look super artificial and instead of enhancing your feature they make them look disproportionate. 

If you are thinking of letting your hair down, then you should most definitely opt for small studs as they would shin through your hair and not get in the way of your blow dried hair.

      3. What’s The Occasion?

Wearing Silver Jewelry Earrings

If you are going out on a dinner date with your spouse, your best shot is wearing long dangling earrings. Wearing Silver Jewelry Earrings  You can play around with colored gemstone embedded earrings, or monochrome themes whichever suits your taste. wholesale jewelry

Wearing Silver Jewelry Earrings

If you have a business meeting planned and you want to look equal parts authoritative as you want to look elegant then you must opt for studs or posts as they have the perfect ratio of feminine finesse and a leader’s peculiar sense of perfection. Wearing Silver Jewelry Earrings 

Sterling silver jewelry lasts a lifetime if taken care of the way you are prescribed. Invest in an heirloom piece for all times to come.

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