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Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Rings

Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Rings

Sterling silver rings are quite popular these days as they are quite cheap and affordable as compared to other rings. The purest and finest form of silver used to create rings or other types of accessories is the 925 sterling silver. The most unique feature about this form of silver is that it can be melted easily to mold it into a new shape. Retailers dealing in selling sterling silver ring to the public at large should purchase them at wholesale prices as that can help them increase their profit margin. 

Some of the most beautiful designs available in wholesale 925 sterling silver are listed below:

Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Rings 01
Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Rings 01


The sterling silver eternity wedding ring is the most delicate yet attractive design that one can come across. wholesale jewelry  It is studded with small cubic zircons, which helps enhance the overall look of the ring. The ring is lead and nickel free but it is rhodium plated. It is a perfect romantic gift for your loved one. 

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Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Rings 02
Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Rings 02


The 925 sterling silver crown ring is another design that is not famous as yet. So if someone is looking for a unique design then they should definitely go for this one.Retailers can order this design in bulk as it is going to be the trendsetter in the coming months. Wholesale ring  The ring has one big diamond in the middle and is surrounded by small zircons. It automatically makes the middle the center of attention. 

      2. Wholesale  Sterling Silver Rings

Wholesale 925 Sterling Silver Rings 01 1

The most common engagement ring designs is the one that has a band studded with tiny zircons followed by one huge stone in the middle. Many girls love to keep it simple and this is the design they are likely to go for when it comes to deciding a ring for their special day. The stones are cut in a round shape and each stone is white in color. 

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